Tam Cassidy, Trustee, Time Banking UK confirmed as key note speaker at Financial Inclusion – Everyone’s Business, Conference 2015.

Tam Cassidy grew up in Central Scotland during the 80’s, in the years of Thatcherism, and witnessed civil unrest during the miners’ strike and the closure of many the great industries in Scotland which meant the heart of many communities including his own was ripped out.   This had a profound effect on him and helped mould the belief in standing up against social injustice and the bullying by people in power and the notion that everyone should have the right a job and feel safe and happy.

He has worked in community development for around 25 years including rural, urban environments, third and public sector, from financial inclusion to advocacy, within health and within criminal justice.  In the last 10 years Tam has worked to develop Time Banking, firstly as a project worker locally, then as Director for Scotland, and now he sits on the board of Time Banking UK.

Find out when Tam Cassidy is presenting and register for the conference by visiting www.financialinclusionnetwork.com.au/program-and-speakers

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