Financial inclusion and disaster resilience

We invite professionals working in the financial inclusion space to attend the launch of our 2023 NSW state election platform – Financial inclusion and disaster resilience in Sydney on 22 February.

The launch will be a great opportunity to hear from special guest speakers, Joanna Quilty (NCOSS) and Nicki Hutley, to learn more about the recommendations in this platform and engage in some positive discussion.

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Joanna Quilty (NCOSS)

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Nicki Hutley

Recent disasters, economic pressures and cost of living challenges are escalating cycles of disadvantage and financial exclusion for more Australians than ever before. On the lead-up to the 2023 New South Wales election, our platform paper highlights the issue of financial exclusion in the state, and calls for action in addressing the issue. Financial exclusion is eroding community resilience and holding back economic growth. We need to act decisively, to strengthen our communities and our economy.

Open and download the NSW Financial Inclusion Network’s 2023 state election platform paper Financial inclusion and disaster resilience here, or click on the image below.

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