What we do

NSW Financial Inclusion Network

The NSW Financial Inclusion Network is a policy think tank concerned with financial inclusion.

We aim to influence policy discussions to create a more financially inclusive future for New South Wales.

The network is a state-wide focused coalition, bringing together deeply invested key stakeholders across several sectors to collaborate on financial exclusion issues, identify potential solutions and persuade state policy makers to act on the issue of financial exclusion.

The network’s members are based all over the state and is facilitated by leading partner Northern Rivers Community Gateway.

    Financial inclusion coordination

    Northern Rivers Community Gateway is funded to implement the New South Wales Financial Inclusion Program. This program promotes and supports financial inclusion services throughout the state by:

    • Developing and exploring financial inclusion strategies, resources and products that:
      • can be delivered or accessed by funded NGO’s and
      • support NGO’s to undertake effective financial conversations with a view to improving client financial behaviour.
    • Providing strategic advice to NSW Fair Trading on financial inclusion.
    • Link funded services and microfinance services to financial inclusion strategies and products.

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