Partner with us to deliver a groundbreaking conference

The NSW Financial Inclusion Network, in partnership with Northern Rivers Community Gateway and Centre for Social Impact, invite potential sponsors to partner with us in delivering the 4th Financial Inclusion Conference – Roads to Resilience, to be held in Sydney over 18 and 19 March 2020.

Now is the time to expand conversation around financial resilience in order to shape policies and practices that steer Australia in the direction of positive financial wellbeing.

Conference theme – Roads to Resilience

There is growing evidence that financial resilience is an important layer for achieving financial inclusion. This conference aims to take a deep dive into financial resilience and explore the various roads to it.
Accordingly, conference content will centre around the building blocks of financial resilience, those being:

  • Economic resources
  • Financial products and services
  • Finance knowledge and behaviour
  • Social capital

The conference will deepen conversations around these central themes, the development of innovation programs and service delivery. It will showcase current research, findings and celebrate the person-centred approach of NGOs, government initiatives and highlight perceived funding gaps in this sector.

To help us navigate these topics, we have a number of international and national keynote and guest speakers joining us to share their expertise and knowledge. In addition to our speakers, the conference will deliver targeted workshops, discussion groups, panels and a conference dinner featuring presentation of the 2nd Financial Inclusion Awards.

Benefits to sponsorship partners

There are several levels of conference sponsorship for organisations to become involved. Read full details about sponsorship opportunities, levels and features by clicking here. All our sponsorship partners will benefit from:

  1. Extensive exposure through promotional activities, social media, web and promotional materials covering the conference.
  2. Promote your services, grow your network and raise your profile during the conference.
  3. Reach hundreds of delegates and new stakeholders including politicians, policy makers, researchers, NGOs, grass roots financial inclusion workers and service delivery personnel.
  4. Demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to financial inclusion and social responsibility.

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