Francesca Whitehead and Tessa Manning from Fourth & Centre to facilitate the Financial Inclusion-Everyone’s Business Conference Round Table Discussions.

The Round Table will focus on three recent trends in financial exclusion:

  1. Financial exclusion is an increasing problem. In 2013-14, 16.9% of the Australian population were either fully or severely excluded from essential financial services.
  2. The face of poverty in Australia is changing. 30% of people who accessed financial counselling over the past year were people in employment. Poverty is no longer exclusively the domain of the underprivileged.
  3. New potential investors in financial support products and new platforms and ways of providing financial support are emerging.

In light of these trends, the Round Table will: map existing support to demand and identify gaps in service provision and which groups are currently unable to access support; consider ways in which gaps in support may be addressed including through referral pathways and the design of new products or services; and discuss who might be involved and potential next steps towards the design and delivery of new programs addressing financial exclusion.

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