4th Financial Inclusion Conference – Roads to Resilience

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The NSW Financial Inclusion Network, in partnership with Northern Rivers Community Gateway and Centre For Social Impact, invite you to the 4th Financial Inclusion Conference – Roads to Resilience, to be held in Sydney over Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 October 2021.

Financial inclusion and the road to resilience

The Australian Bureau of Statistics notes that the economy grew by 0.4 % in the March quarter of 2019. Nevertheless, belonging to modern day financial systems is still a reach for too many Australians. 17% of Australians are considered financially excluded. 1 in 5 cannot raise $2,000 in an emergency and sadly 1 in 6 report difficulties in covering everyday expenses such as housing, food, utilities and education. There is a dichotomy in the story of economic growth as a country but financial decline in the everyday lives of some Australians.  

Evidence from research and practice demonstrates that financial exclusion is a significant driver of financial disadvantage. In combination with decreased economic resources, shrinking social capital and reduced financial capability, many Australians find themselves vulnerable to adverse financial shocks. The inability to bounce back from financial emergencies can lead to poverty and homelessness, amplified mental health problems, continued welfare dependence, remaining in a violent relationship, poorer educational outcomes for children and increased law breaking or criminal offences.

Now is the time to expand the conversation around Financial Resilience in order to shape policies and practices that steer Australia in the direction of positive financial wellbeing. 

For these reasons, the NSW Financial Inclusion Network formed in 2015 as a social policy think tank, engaging the community sector, government and peak organisations for the purpose of working towards a more financially inclusive future for NSW. 

Important details

4th Financial Inclusion Conference – Roads to Resilience
26+27 October 2021, 8:30am-5:00pm
SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney 2000 

Conference theme – Roads to Resilience 

There is growing evidence that financial resilience is an important layer for achieving financial inclusion. This conference aims to take a deep dive into financial resilience and explore the various roads to it. Accordingly, conference content will centre around the building blocks of financial resilience, those being: 

  • Economic resources
  • Financial products and services
  • Finance knowledge and behaviour
  • Social captial

The conference will deepen conversations around these central themes, the development of innovation programs and service delivery. It will showcase current research, findings and celebrate the person-centred approach of NGOs, government initiatives and highlight perceived funding gaps in this sector.

To help us navigate these topics, we have a number of international and national keynote and guest speakers joining us to share their expertise and knowledge. In addition to our speakers, the conference will deliver targeted workshops, discussion groups and panels. 

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided on both days. 

This conference is facilitated by the NSW Financial Inclusion Network, in partnership with Northern Rivers Community Gateway and the Centre for Social Impact.

Who should attend?

The event will convene a diverse audience of stakeholders concerned with financial inclusion and financial resilience. This is a great opportunity to connect with a community of people invested in a positive financial future to strengthen our own connections, share stories, experiences and best practices.

This conference will provide a thought provoking opportunity for researchers, funding bodies, policy makers, regulators, advocates, executives, managers, front-line staff and students and volunteers working in the NGO sector, finance, energy and targeted industries.

2nd Financial Inclusion Awards and conference dinner

The 2nd annual Financial Inclusion Awards will be presented at the conference dinner. 

Time: 6:30pm
Date: 26 October 2021
Venue: SMC Conference & Function Centre 

The awards include the following categories:

  1. Best Practice (Indiviudal)
  2. Good Practice (NGO)
  3. Good Practice (Corporate)
  4. Contribution to Innovative Solutions (Individual or organisation) 

For more information on awards criteria and how to nominate click here. 


Delegates will have access to special rates and packages at hotels within walking distance from the conference venue. Delegates will need to book and pay for accommodation separately. For more information on accommodation options click here.

Registration refunds

Registration cancellations and fee refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. If you would like to cancel your registration and receive a fee refund, please email financialinclusion@nrcg.org.au.

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